Specializing in providing Carbon graphite products

Kayson Graphite is specializing in providing graphite products which are customized to each of our customer’s specific application requirements graphite processing parts mainly used in acid and chlor alkali chemical industries. Our unique technical knowledge and manufacturing expertise allows us to customize graphite parts within our existing product line or as part of our new product development. Our products are developed and manufactured in-house, so we can customize at any point in the production process (formulation, impregnation, baking, treating, processing.)

Skilled Product Development Team & Engineers – Our team of engineers, many with over 25 years of graphite products experience, will provide expert advice throughout the graphite processing.Wide Range of Machining/ Finishing Capabilities – Skilled craftsmen that will finish your product to your specific end-use requirements. E.g., milling, turning, drilling, tapping, lapping, polishing and other CNC machining capabilities.

Advanced Software and Testing – We have invested in drawing and quality assurance training, software and systems to confirm graphite processing parts are designed and manufactured to your required specifications.

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